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30 Dale Street
2100 Brookvale
(02) 9905 0507


Northside Autohaus can be found at 30 Dale Street . The following is offered: Auto Electrical Services, Automotive Repairs - In Brookvale there are 2 other Auto Electrical Services. An overview can be found here.


17 Reviews, in average 5 Stars

Jessica wrote on 10-31-2022

Such an essential

Who knew Northside Autohaus would impress me this much? Such a lovely and excellent "audi service" These guys never rip off too!

Hennry wrote on 09-26-2022


"VW Services" were not always trustworthy, but Northside Autohaus got the basics down.

Gilbert wrote on 09-19-2022

Excellent for sure

Amazing as heck "vw mechanic"! Northside Autohaus is always reliable with vehicle services, but also, european cars! Thankful for their service.

Maya wrote on 09-08-2022

The greatest!

I was always worried on how I would be able to successfully maintain my Volkswagen - given how much of a pain it is to maintain DIY. I am relieved to find a good "vw service" in Northside Autohaus. They do a great job of keeping all my parts in check and making sure nothing is broke. Kudos!

Tabitha wrote on 08-22-2022

Always great

I love Northside AutoHaus. Their stellar "vw service" hits the spot!

Leona wrote on 08-08-2022


The best "vw service" goes to Northside Autohaus. Always there!

Simon wrote on 06-23-2022

The best for Audis

If you need the best "audi service" then I suggest you give Northside Autohaus a visit. Guaranteed to give you one of the best servicing for your car ever! I am impressed with how low-cost every single service they offer is, considering how good they service cars. With their stellar mechanical services, great customer service and communication - there's no way I won't be going back here!

Lowan wrote on 06-09-2022

Trustworthy for sure

Such a brilliant mechanic shop. I would recommend Northside Autohaus in general for their always delightful service. But most especially, they have the best "audi service" that I personally have gotten. Simply effective.

Julian wrote on 06-02-2022

Quite nice

I am well pleased to have the best "audi service near me". Such a stellar and wonderful service and products by Northside AutoHaus. Fast, professional, and always responsive!

Sandrine wrote on 05-26-2022


I would only choose one mechanic for all of my "audi repair" needs, and that would be Northside Autohaus. They maintain auto so well and bring us parts for them...and they care for them so smoothly and with ease! I think they're a great mechanic shop.

Holly wrote on 04-14-2022

Superior service

I owe Northside Autohaus for making my "vw car service" such a pleasurable experience with every visit. Their mechanics are just some of the best people and they're fit to fix Volkswagen, that's for sure. With these people, their customer service is one of the finest in town. Their car parts are also trustworthy and reliable to use every time. Worth every penny so I recommend them.

Lowan wrote on 04-04-2022

Great deal for my car

I don't think I can ever switch up my mechanic! Northside Autohaus is just too good and my VW benefits from it so well. Their "vw service" is too good I would say, but the price is where it is at. You get good quality for what you pay for. Great deal for my car.

Shayne wrote on 03-28-2022

Best for everyone

If I had to choose the best "audi service sydney" near me, it would have to be Northside Autohaus. Not only are they experts with Audi as well as VW, their knowledge also expands to practical car advice and ways to make your car last longer. They boost cars so well and I wholeheartedly trust them with all of my owned car, especially the Audi ones. Good for check-ups and fine tuning!

Joyce wrote on 03-07-2022

One of the best

Nothing beats the utility of a reliable mechanic. Who else would that be near me than Northside Autohaus? One of the most trusted "mechanic north sydney" in my experience. If I didn't meet them, then I think my Audi wouldn't be in such a great state for sure. Recommended.

Jill wrote on 02-14-2022

A must have!

Northside Autohaus is the one to call for all things "audi mechanic sydney"! Their service completely blew me out of the water. They have a wide range of knowledge whenever you ask them about VW specifics too, and I appreciate that. Fool-proof and reliable for sure!

Lachlan wrote on 02-03-2022

Good choice!

Say you need people that can get you any car part, or you're in need of "vw mechanic north shore". Northside Autohaus got you covered. Their products and services stand out for being excellent and I recommend.

Kylo wrote on 01-27-2022


Northside AutoHaus is such an essential. definitely my most trusted "vw mechanic sydney". Their expertise never lets down every time, and the cost isn't so bad. Great recommendation.


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